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    熱搜關鍵詞: 合規認證 云通關報關平臺 智能通關系統 AI報關引擎 AEO合規管家


    來源: 2021-09-16 閱讀文本僅需3分鐘

    包裝情況 Packing Condition 

    散裝In Bulk 
    塊裝 In Block 
    條裝 In Spear 
    片裝 In Slice 
    捆(扎)裝 In Bundle 
    裸裝 In Nude
    裸散裝 Bare in Loose 
    木托架立裝 Straightly Stand on Wooden Shelf 
    傳統包裝Traditional Packing 
    中性包裝 Neutral Packing 
    水密Water Tight 
    氣密 Air Tight
    不透水包 Water Proof Packing 
    不透氣包 Air Proof Packing 
    薄膜 Film Membrane 
    透明紙Transparent Paper 
    牛皮紙 Kraft Paper 
    地瀝青牛皮紙 Bituminous Kraft Paper  
    厚板紙 Cardboard Paper 
    蒲、葦 Bulrush mat 
    防水紙 Water Proof Paper
    保麗龍(泡沫塑料)Poly Foam(SnowBox)  
    竹條Bamboo Batten 
    竹篾 Bamboo Skin 
    銅絲Brass Wire 
    鐵絲 Iron Wire 
    紙屑 Paper Scrap 
    紙條 Paper Slip 
    紙帶 Paper Tape 
    紙層 Paper Wool
    泡沫塑料 Foamed Plastics  
    泡沫橡膠Foamed Rubber  
    帆布袋內充水 Canvas Bag Filled withWater  
    包內襯薄紙 Lined with Thin Paper  
    內襯錫箔袋 Lined with Frescobag  
    內置充氣氧塑料袋Inner Poly Bag Filled with Oxygen  
    內襯牛皮紙 Lined with Kraft Paper
    內襯防潮紙、牛皮紙 Lined with Moist Proof Paper &Kraft Paper  
    鋁箔包裝 InAluminium Foil Packing  
    木箱內襯鋁箔紙Lined with Aluminium Foil in the WoodenCase  
    雙層布袋外層上漿 Double Cloth Bag with Outer Bag Starched  
    外置木箱 Coveredwith Wooded Case  
    外繞鐵皮 Bound with Iron Bands Externally  
    外繞鐵絲二道 Bound with Two Bands 0f Metal Wires Outside  
    標簽上標有:LabelsWere Marked with  
    紙箱上標有Cartons Were Marked with  
    包裝合格 Proper Packing  
    包裝完整Packing Intact  
    包裝完好 Packing Sound  
    正規出口包裝 Regular Packing for Export
    表面狀況良好 Apparently in Good Order& Condition  
    包裝不妥 Improper Packing
    包裝不固 Insufficiently Packed  
    包裝不良 Negligent Packing  
    包裝殘舊玷污 PackingStained &Old  
    箱遭水漬 Cartons Wet &Stained  
    外包裝受水濕 With OuterPacking Wet  
    包裝形狀改變 Shape of Packing Distorted  
    散包 Bales Off  
    鐵皮失落 IronStraps Off  
    釘上 Nailed on  
    尺寸不符 Off Size  
    袋子撕破 Bags Torn  
    箱板破 Case PlankBroken