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    熱搜關鍵詞: 合規認證 云通關報關平臺 智能通關系統 AI報關引擎 AEO合規管家


    來源: 2021-09-13 閱讀文本僅需3分鐘



    1. 主動聯系采購商


    Dear Sirs: May 1, 2014

    Inquiries regarding our new product, the Deer Mountain Bike, have been coming in from all parts of the world. Reports from users confirm what we knew before it was put on the market-that it is the best mountain bike available. Enclosed is our brochure.


    2. 提出詢價


    Dear Sirs: Jun.1, 2014

    We received your promotional letter and brochure today. We believe that your would do well here in the U.S.A. Kindly send us further details of your prices and terms of sale. We ask you to make every effort to quote at competitive prices in order to secure our business. We look forward to hearing from you soon..


    3. 迅速提供報價


    Gentlemen: June 4, 2014

    Thank you for your inquiry of June the 1st concerning the Deer Mountain Bike. It gives us great pleasure to send along the technical information on the model together with the catalog and price list. After studying the prices and terms of trade, you will understand why we are working to capacity to meet the demand. We look forward to the opportunity of being of service of you.


    4. 如何討價還價


    Gentlemen: June 8, 2014

    We have received your price lists and have studied it carefully. However, the price level in your quotation is too high for this market, If you are prepared to grant us a discount of 10% for a quantity of 200, we would agree to your offer. You should note that some price cut will justify itself by an increase in business. We hope to hear from you soon.


    5-1 同意進口商的還價


    Dear Sirs: June 12, 2014

    Thank you for your letter of June the 8th. We have accepted your offer on the terms suggested. Enclosed our will find a special price list that we believe will meet your ideas of prices. You should note that the recent advances in raw materials have affected the cost of this product unfavorably. However, for your order we have kept our prices down.


    5-2 拒絕進口商的還價


    Dear Sirs: June 12, 2014

    Thank you for your letter of June the 8th. We regret that we cannot meet your terms. We must point out that the falling market here leaves us little or no margin of profit. We must ask you for a keener price in respect to future orders. At present the best discount offered for a quantity of 200 is 5%. Our current situation leaves us little room to bargain. We hope you will reconsider the offer.


    6. 正式提出訂單


    Gentlemen: June 15, 2014

    We have discussed your offer of 5% and accept it on the terms quoted. We are prepared to give your product a trial, provided you can guarantee delivery on or before the 20th of September. The enclosed order is given strictly on this condition. We reserve the right of refusal of delivery and/or cancellation of the order after this date.


    7. 確認訂單


    Gentlemen: June 20, 2014

    Thank you very much for your order of June 15 for 200 Deer Mountain Bikes. We will make every possible effort to speed up delivery. We will advise you of the date of dispatch. We are at your service at all times.


    8. 請求開立信用證


    Gentlemen: June 18, 2014

    Thank you for your order No. 599. In order to execute it, please open an irrevocable L/C for the amount of US$ 50,000 in our favor. This account shall be available until Sep. 20. Upon arrival of the L/C we will pack and ship the order as requested. Sincerely


    9. 通知已開立信用證


    Dear Sirs: June 24, 2014

    Thank you for your letter of June 18 enclosing details of your terms. According to your request for opening an irrevocable L/C, we have instructed the Beijing City Commercial Bank to open a credit for US$ 50,000 in your favor, valid until Sep. 20. Please advise us by fax when the order has been executed.


    10. 請求信用證延期


    Gentlemen: Sep. 1, 2014

    We are sorry to report that in spite of our effort, we are unable to guarantee shipment by the agreed date due to a strike at our factory. We are afraid that your L/C will be expire before shipment. Therefore, please explain our situation to your customers and secure their consent to extend the L/C to Sept.30.


    11. 同意更改信用證


    Gentlemen: Sept. 5, 2014

    We received your letter today and have informed our customers of your situation. As requested, we have instructed the Beijing City Commercial Bank to extend the L/C up to and including September 30. Please keep us abreast of any new development.